How Common is Urinary tract Infection? How to Prevent It?

How common is UTI ?

Urinary tract infections (UTI) is  the most common type of bacterial infection diagnosed today, with more than half of all women experiencing at least one UTI during their lifetime and many will have recurrences. Worldwide statistics show  that nearly 1 in 3 women will have had at least 1 episode of UTI requiring antimicrobial therapy by the age of 24 years. Also, 3 in 25 men will have symptoms of at least 1 UTI during their lifetime. In elderly populations, UTIs are the second most common form of infection, accounting for nearly 25% of all infections.

What is UTI?

It affects up to 10% of the paediatric population and the recurrence rate of UTI in children is estimated at 30%, with the majority of recurrences occurring in the first 12 months after the initial infection.

There is bad odour in the urine .It can be associated with  painful burning sensation .Patients can also experience lower abdominal or loin pain. It can also cause blood in the urine  . UTI in females is higher due to short urethra and  close proximity of the anus . It is much easier for bacteria to move to the bladder causing higher risk of UTI in women.

Urinary tract Infection: How to Prevent 

The main objective is to avoid the introduction of harmful bacteria into the urinary tract, either as result of sexual activity or bathroom habits. The secondary objective is to maintain your urinary tract health and make it far less vulnerable to infection.

There are many  causes for UTI. It  must be carefully assessed and treated .This is very important factor in preventing infection. There are some health practices that can help:
  • Cleanse your genitals before and after sex: carefully clean the genitals before and after sex with warm water and a plain, mild soap. Avoid scented soaps or harsh cleansers, which can cause inflammation of the urethra
  • Don't hold your urine: Urinate at regular intervals of three to four hours.
  • Wash your anal area after defaecation and avoid water spilling forward.
  • Drinks lots of water: Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water per day 
  • Promptly urinate after intercourse:
  • Evaluate your birth control options: if you’re suffering from repeat UTIs, you may want to consider switching your birth control method. Diaphragms, spermicides, and spermicide-containing types of contraception may increase the risk of developing a UTI. Barrier methods, particularly when used with spermicide, have been linked to a higher risk of developing UTIs. 
  • Consider probiotics: You can use probiotics to help maintain the population of good bacteria (normal flora) in your urinary tract and reproductive system. 

Following are important causes of UTI

  • Diabetes, Congenital blockage to urinary tract drainage, Tuberculosis, Cancer of bladder and prostate, benign enlarged prostate, Urethral stricture , Reflux
  • Underlying cause of UTI must be treated to prevent recurrence
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