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Kidney Stone Treatment in Chennai

URO-ANDROLOGY CLINIC is one of the famous surgical speciality center in Chennai . Our clinic uses the latest technology to treat kidney stones, including minimally invasive techniques. URO-ANDROLOGY CLINIC have extensive experience with latest technology.



What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are strong masses made of gems. Kidney stones generally start in your kidneys, yet can grow any place along your urinary tract. The urinary tract incorporates the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra.


  • Fever and chills 

  • Difficulty in urinating

  • Presence of blood in urine 

  • Urgency to urinate


Awareness to prevent Kidney Stone

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Continue eating calcium-rich foods, but use caution with calcium supplements

  • Reduce sodium

Kidney stones pass through the urinary tract on their own within a period of 48 hours if plenty of fluid is consumed and the body is kept hydrated by drinking water.

Dr N Anandan is a highly talented Urologist and Andrologist in Chennai. His aim is to heal his patients in the shortest possible time as he understands that in this modern age with the ever changing trends in lifestyles, time, is the only absolute and most precious commodity.


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Answer to Cancer: Insights on Kidney Cancer Management

Uro-Andrology welcomes you to Answer to Cancer initiative. Today we are dealing with the topic Kidney Cancer Management.

Kidney cancer is one of the common cancer diagnosed in individuals. In its literal context, it is also known as  renal cancer as it is relating to kidney. The kidney cancer is a dangerous condition that affects proper functioning of our kidney. The kidney gets interrupted by cell complications from malignancy or tumour.The core function of the kidney is to filter the blood. Through this impurities are removed,nutrients are absorbed, pH level and concentration of body fluid is maintained,blood pressure is regulated and level of hormones are managed. These are the concerns that are malfunctioned by cancer.


The patient suffering from kidney cancer is often associated with chronic abdominal pain,blood in urine conditions,red cell deficiency and swellings in leg/ankles. Inorder to identify and confirm the disease, doctor and oncologist will suggest a series of procedures. It involves physical examination,blood-urine tests,imaging methods and biopsy.

The degree of Kidney cancer in its stages divided on the basis of size of tumour and its spread. Depending upon the adversity, complications and health conditions a group of experts comprised of urologist,oncologist and surgeon initiates treatment.The measures used are surgery, kidney removal,removal of nearby adrenal glands,tissues and lymph nodes,cold shocks,radiation therapy and preventing blood flow into the tumours.

The results and outcomes are completely relied on the level of expertise and timely intervention.That's why  Uro-Andrology Clinic under the leadership of Dr N Anandan caters best treatment approach.

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Best Urologist in Chennai

Today, a kidney stone is the most serious problem for most of the people. This is due to the people's lack of knowledge about the urological problems and the causes. Urology care in Chennai gives proper solution for urological disorders such as kidney stone problems, bladder stone removal and sexual related treatments.

urological problems

Why we are consulting a urologist? Something we can't make an any hope for our condition, then at last we find solution after the consulting an experienced urologist. one major thing most of the people facing is the Sexual dysfunction. Most of cases due to man's problem. So in order to understand the situation approach in a positive manner by seeking an advice from best urologist.

kidney stone removal chennai

Dr. N. Anandan, a urologist in Chennai gives you the proper solution for your condition. It's easy for the respective persons for getting such an approach and cares from our urology specialist.


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Best Urologist In Tamilnadu

One of the most problems in our life is urological conditions, that may change your healthy life. Nowadays urinary problems are common in our life. People are not considering the conditions because of proper drinking of water

Urologist In Tamilnadu

Procedures Urologist Performs

Dr.N.Anandan provides best urology procedures performed include removal of kidney, urological problems, bladder tumors, removal of ureteral stones using laser. 

When I Should See an Urologist ?

If you are suffering from a medical condition that affects the urinary system and suffering urinary problems, kidney problems and other urological conditions 

Urological problems

Consult Best Urologist

Consult your urologist expertise to diagnose and treat the patients affected with urological disorders. 


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Best Urologist Chennai

An urologist
is a surgical specialist which deals with the urinary problems for males and females, urinary bladder and reproductive problems. Urologists are medical professionals who specializes in urology and they are trained to diagnose the urological conditions and manage patients by giving proper treatment.


Procedure that Urologist performs

Urology department gives the study about the causes and diseases of the urinary system. Urology covers a detailed study of organs include kidney, urethra and urinary tract organs. Some of the procedures such as removal of kidney & ureteral stones using laser. Urologic surgeries are recommended for the patients suffer the conditions in reproductive orgnas and urinary tract organs.

Are you looking for Urologist ?

If you are suffering from urologic problems ? Urology surgeons in chennai offer variety of treatments to help and improve your quality of life. There is surgical and non surgical methods are provided for males and females. A specialized urologists which treated the conditions for all urological disorders mainly concerns with male infertility and other sexual problems. They can deal the urological problems and complicated surgeries by an effective treatment procedure for the patients within shorter recovery period.


Why sholud you choose Anandan Uro- Androlgy Clinic in chennai ?

Many peoples from all over the world come to the Anandan's Uro-Andrlogy Clinic for the urological treatments and their problems. He is specialized in invasive surgical procedures to detsroy cancer and urological disorders. Dr.Anandan one of the best urology specialists in chennai providing comprehensive treatments and offes advanced urology treatment procedures. He focuses urological care for the patients and help them to provide quality care.

If you want to consult the best urologist, it is the best choice by prefer Ananda's clinic in chennai

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