Complete Solution For Bladder Stone

Bladder stones can be defined as the crystalline minerals formed due to the concentrated urine in your bladder. This situation of concentrated or stagnant urine is attained when the urine or water in your bladder doesn't get emptied completely.

Older males are most affecting with this disorder. Some of these small stones in bladder may pass out through the urine by themselves, but the others need to be removed by your doctor.

Bladder Stone Symptoms:
Bladder stone may not generate any symptoms straight away. Many of them are found when a test is conducted for some other cases. But if they irritate the bladder, they may show following symptoms;
  • Pain in pelvis
  • Painful urination
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Starting of urine stream may take longer time
  • Blood in urine
  • Pain in lower stomach area
  • Cloudy or doctor appearance of urine

Causes of Bladder Stones :
Bladder stone may be a secondary symptom of any other underlying urinary infections. Some of the issues that can cause you bladder stones are;
Bladder infections : Bacteria or other organisms can can cause bladder infections or inflammation.
Damaged urethra : urethra can get injured due to some illness or trauma, that may narrow the urethra creating a blockage in the passage of urine.
Prostate gland enlargement : The enlargement of prostate gland may press against the urethra tube surrounding it , and thereby cause urine flow blockage.  
Neurogenic bladder : This is a disordered condition affecting the nerve that transmit message from the brain to bladder muscles. When they get damaged, brain will fail to transfer the message to the bladder muscles in order to contract and expand them, during the urination.
Bladder weakening : Weakened bladder walls at some areas can create pouches, that are capable of collecting and storing the urine, restricting its flow.
Kidney stone : Kidney stone are different from bladder stone as they generate in different manner. Small kidney stones may pass through the urine without causing any trouble, but large ones may block the urine passage and eventually form bladder stones.

Diagnosis & Treatment for Bladder Stones:
Your doctor may diagnose your bladder stone disorder using imaging techniques like Urinalysis, X-ray, CT scan or Ultrasound.
Smaller sized bladder stone may move out through your urine, and you may not even know. But certain large bladder stones which can not as such move out through urine needed to be removed by your doctor. He may surgically remove the large stone or else he may breakdown the large stone into small ones, so that making them to pass out through your urine. For this Cystolitolapaxy, technique of using laser, mechanical or ultrasound devices is performed by the doctor.

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