All You Need To Know About Penile Implant Surgey

Penile implant surgery is one of the most effective surgery for gaining an erection and continue proper sexual function. Awareness that penile implant surgery is an established procedure to treat erectile dysfunction and this can provide erection similar to natural erection is a great boon to our patients.

Patients will have lot of anxiety about the procedure, the  risks and outcome  etc about the procedure. This article is dedicated to educating the men about penile implant surgery. Take a look at the article and fortify your knowledge about health.

penile implant surgery in chennai

First and foremost, let us find out what exactly is the penile implant surgery.

During the surgery, a small incision is made in the penis on the undersurface of penis .The prosthesis is placed inside  the corpora cavernosa  part of penis . Implants size both length and diamete  will be customized according to the patients anatomy. The procedure lasts for less than 2 hours..Patients can achieve and have normal sexual relationship. The prosthesis are durable and can lost up to fifteen years.

It is a very safe procedure , providing excellent result and hospital stay is for two to three days only .
Failure of medical and hormonal treatment to treat erectile dysfunction is the indication for penile implant surgery. Doctor will discuss the type of prosthesis, what to expect after surgery and follow up protocol will be discussed in detail before surgery
penile implant surgery in chennai

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