Know More About Urinary Bladder Cancer

Cancer has now become a fast spreading disease among the humans. Though there are effective cures for the disease, the delay in detecting the disease has turned to be deadly in most of the cases in the past. Urinary cancer is one of the different forms of cancer seen nowadays. 

What is urinary bladder cancer?

Urinary bladder is a bag like structure that stores urine until it is expelled from the body. The condition when the inner lining of the urinary bladder turns malignant is called urinary bladder cancer. It may be commonly found in adults though the disease can occur at any age. Urothelial cancer is the most commonly found form of urinary bladder cancer. This tumour can arise from any part from renal cycles, renal pelvis, uretr, bladder to urethra. It requires serious follow up as well. 

How is urinary bladder cancer diagnosed?

The common symptoms for urinary bladder cancer are presence of blood in urine, painful urination and pain in the pelvic region. Usually ultrasound scans or CT scans would suffice in detecting the tumours. Usually and endoscopy and the following biopsy will confirm the condition.

How is urinary bladder cancer treated?

Endoscopic resection can clear the area of the tumour cells. Chemotherapy might be needed in some cases depending on the condition. If the malignant cells have spread to the adjoining muscles and cells, the removal of urinary bladder might be imminent and might be the best possible solution. Follow up endoscopies are required to rule out the re-occurrence of the dieases.
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